This is the worst-tasting food truck ever

Trojan had the idea to invade a New York City street corner usually populated by food trucks with a truck of their own, dispensing gels and vibrators instead of Latvian-Korean fusion tacos. The guy in this picture made the mistake of ordering his lunch there. "Seriously, guys, why does my tongue feel so stiff?" » 8/02/11 10:00am 8/02/11 10:00am

Malware Blamed For Disastrous Plane Crash

154 lives were lost when Spanair Flight 5022 crashed moments after taking off from Madrid-Barajas International Airport in 2008. Now documents from an investigation into the incident are showing that a malware infection may have been to blame. » 8/22/10 3:28pm 8/22/10 3:28pm

Top Gear: Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VII Vs. British Army

In last night's Top Gear, Jeremy took a drug dealer's Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VII up against a slew of .50-caliber-spewing UK Army vehicles in a five-mile-long game of British bulldog. In a rock quarry. With live ammo. Epic. » 7/13/09 10:00am 7/13/09 10:00am

Go Trojan!: Rare Minicar Crosses the Block at Barrett-Jackson

Our secret-agent man in the scene at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale this week brings us this tri-wheeled oddity, a 1959 Heinkel Trojan, which went on the block earlier today. Its history can be traced to aircraft engineer Ernst Heinkel who built a prototype after seeing the similar ISO (later BMW) Isetta… » 1/19/06 8:42pm 1/19/06 8:42pm