The Navy Has The Ultimate MH370 Search Tool, It's Just Not Operational

While the world is tied up in the mystery of what happened to Malaysian Air Flight 370, testers at Edwards AFB in south central California and at Naval Air Station Patuxent River in Maryland are hard at work developing the ultimate tool for solving such a mystery, the Northrop Grumman built MQ-4C Triton. »3/18/14 4:32pm3/18/14 4:32pm


Mitsubishi Moves Boldly: 300 New 2007 Triton Pickups Released In Japan

No, Mitsubishi's newest release into the Japanese market won't be making FoMoCo cringe in its collective boots — that number's correct. Instead, what Mitsu's hoping to do is make up for the sale size differential with some bold styling which makes the new truck look is that thing anyway? Not only is… »9/21/06 7:14pm9/21/06 7:14pm