An Evel Knievel Tribute: Photoshop the Hoonfather's Final Jump

If you're anything like us, you're completely heartbroken over the passing of ubermensch and all around hero to hoons everywhere, Evel Kneivel. Rarely in the annals of history has a man come along with no purpose other than to capture the popular imagination. There are an untold number of errant youths who invested… »12/01/07 10:45am12/01/07 10:45am

Badge Un-engineering: Mazda Tribute Production Suspended

Word today is Mazda is suspending production of its version of the Ford Escape / Mercury Mariner SUVs, the Tribute. According to reports the company opted out of producing the Trib (at Ford's Claycomo truck plant) during the relatively short production span of the 2007 model year — May through December — because a… »2/22/06 10:56am2/22/06 10:56am