Spy Photos: Fiat 500 Presentation Leaked

With just months until Fiat's revived Cinquecento (sorry, 500) subcompact appears in the sheetmetal, a leaked presentation highlights the company's plan to accessorize the urban hipster transport to within an inch of its life. The scoop comes via French site Le Forum Fran ais des Scoops, which makes no mention of the… » 12/06/06 8:52am 12/06/06 8:52am

AutoExpress Specs Out the New Fiat 500 Cabrio

The UK's AutoExpress offers its take on what the Fiat 500 revival subcompact will look like in cabrio form. Fiat's reportedly working with Ford Europe on the new version of the iconic cinquecento, which insiders say will share innards with the next-generation Ford Ka. Whether or not Fiat's planning an Abarth… » 10/11/06 3:55pm 10/11/06 3:55pm

Designing 500: Fiat Looking for Ideas

Think you can turn Giorgio Armani's head with your doodlings? Then Fiat 500 wants you. No, really, the company's "Fiat 500 Wants You" competition is rounding up contributors of "ideas and designs for the new car and everything that surrounds its launch, sale and customer interaction." The categories are accessories —… » 8/07/06 10:37am 8/07/06 10:37am

Spy Photos: Fiat Cinquecento

It promises to be eerier than Ezaine Helgado as Sofia Loren. The ragazzi at Eurocar Blog point us toward shots of the upcoming Fiat 500 — a neue-retro take on the lovable Fiat Cinquecento of old. The project is an outgrowth of the Trepiuno concept, unveiled at the 2005 Geneva show to shrieks of delight by Zegna-clad… » 6/23/06 8:44am 6/23/06 8:44am

Sketches Emerge of New Fiat 500

Fans of race-bred Fiats of old will be pleased to see the Abarth badge associated with the Fiat Trepiuno concept, which is said to be a harbinger of a new, retro-styled Fiat 500 on the way. Eurocar Blog located some sketches that depict the Trepiuno in the red-and-white livery of legendary motorsports tweaker,… » 4/10/06 9:58am 4/10/06 9:58am

Ford and Fiat Team up on new Fiat 500, Ka

It's official: Fiat is building a new Cinquecento (500) minicar with an unlikely partner. As you may remember, Fiat showed an updated 500 in the guise of the Trepi no concept in Geneva this year. Now, the company has announced it will develop a production version of the Italian icon — the cultural equivalent of the… » 9/08/05 1:13pm 9/08/05 1:13pm

Fiat May Roll Out New, Nostalgic Cinquecento

Fiat may build a new city car styled after the iconic cinquecento (that's "500" to you, Johnny) of the 1960s and 1970s, according to news reports. Likely based on Fiat's Trepi no concept, shown at this year's Geneva auto show, the production model probably won't share the same 500cc motor with the original, but will… » 7/20/05 2:42pm 7/20/05 2:42pm