In Corporate Prison at the Ford Trend Conference

The day before I went to Detroit, the city imposed a curfew due to fears of violence. The city was also in the process of shutting off water to thousands of its residents. It sounds bad. But as long as you stay inside a sealed corporate bubble the whole time, you'll never even know these problems exist. » 6/30/14 10:45am 6/30/14 10:45am

"Generation Connected" Looks for New Ways to Buy a Car

We live in a hyper-connected age, this digital domain has radically altered both our social interactions and our consumer behavior . Online shopping has revolutionized retail, and is changing perceptions on how cars should be bought and sold. Consulting firm Capgemini completed a comprehensive study of what young… » 5/16/14 1:44pm 5/16/14 1:44pm

Why The Three-Door Is A Disappearing Body Style Worth Saving

It's genuinely hard to make a case for only having a three-door hatchback when five doors is realistic. If you're going to make a practical car, giving it an upright roofline and a large opening at the back, then it's hard to see the logic of only putting one door on either side of the car, forcing rear-seat… » 6/30/13 3:00pm 6/30/13 3:00pm

What's Your Favorite Special Edition Trend Car?

Automakers love to tie their cars to other companies, sports teams and trends. There was a time when you couldn't walk three feet without bumping into an Eddie Bauer Edition Explorer or an L.L. Bean Subaru Outback. We're personally fond of the Jeans Edition VW, which is just that much cooler than the Warriors in Pink… » 3/24/08 11:40am 3/24/08 11:40am

Somebody Slipped Crack Rock into Our Perrier

Trust us, children. Nobody is as disturbed by this as we are. But on our walk back from the bodega, under a-post downpour, almost-sunset Southern California sky that wouldn't have looked out of place twenty minutes after the firing of the Castle Bravo shot, a car rolled by. A silver late-model Impala on MHT-esque… » 2/17/06 8:30pm 2/17/06 8:30pm