Spy Photos: Best Yet of the Mini Traveller, er Clubman

Ok, so insiders say the new Mini wagon will be called Clubman, not Traveller, and we've got no confirmation either way. So call it whatever you want, but don't call it late for the Frankfurt auto show later this year, the venue planed for its long-awaited debut. Until then, Auto Motor und Sport offers shots of a… » 1/31/07 6:53am 1/31/07 6:53am

Spy Photos: Mini Traveller, Nearly Unmasked

After two years of teasing, the wagon known as Mini Traveller is not long for obscurity. The Car Connection has the clearest shot yet of the new model, which will likely debut at one of this year's major auto shows — possibly Frankfurt. Then, we'll finally get to see if the company plans to offer a second suicide… » 1/12/07 2:59pm 1/12/07 2:59pm

Spy Photos: 2008 Mini Traveller

We still have about a year to go before Mini hauls out its new Hauler, the Traveller. But a prototype remains on the prowl — caught by spies encamped by the N rburgring — while an enterprising grafix jockey has mocked up how the door system will work for US buyers. Autobots, transform and roll out! » 11/07/06 7:10am 11/07/06 7:10am

Clubman Waiting in the Sky: More on Mini's Wagon

AutoExpress is adding its two quid to the Mini Clubman debate. AE pluralizes the coming model's half-sized rear door(s), which insiders have said will be in singular — that is, passenger side (US) only. (Of course, that could be a typo.) They also say the rear window is split down the middle, while the license plate… » 9/08/06 2:30pm 9/08/06 2:30pm

Over the Back Fence: Mini to Call Wagon Clubman, Launch it in 2008

Hope you weren't married to Traveller, Mini fans, The Motoring File reports the largest of BMW's smallest will very likely be called the Mini Clubman. We're speaking of the long-wheelbase model that's been the subject of several concepts appearing at the world's auto shows during this past year. Securing he name… » 8/23/06 1:00pm 8/23/06 1:00pm

Spy Photos: 2007 Mini Cooper

AutoWeek offers up a clear shot (photoshopping status unknown) of the next-generation Mini Cooper, which will cover a larger footprint than the current model and have new engines for which BMW is working with Peugeot-Citroen. They've also got a shot of the 2008 Mini Traveller wagon, which we've pretty much seen… » 6/01/06 1:11pm 6/01/06 1:11pm

Mini Traveller Spy Photos Aplenty

Many Mini fans might think this site is skewing anti-Cooper with my addition as guest editor. But I certainly don't hold anything against Mini maniacs like Ray does. I'm even friends with this guy. And when I was running mph-online.com we ran lots of Mini spy photos. Why all this preamble for a simple post that links… » 4/21/06 10:26am 4/21/06 10:26am

Call the Red Cross: The Mini Geneva Concept

Yesterday, Mini unveiled its Geneva concept, an homage to the classic Mini's dominance of the Monte Carlo Rally between "Hard Day's Night" and "Sargent Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" (that'd be 1964 to 1967). Just like its siblings, the Frankfurt, Tokyo and Detroit Mini concepts, the Geneva's got acres of neoprene… » 3/01/06 5:20am 3/01/06 5:20am

(Yet) Another Mini Traveller Concept to Debut in Geneva

Ok, Ok, we get it. Mini station wagon, yes. The BMW-owned brand released shots today of the fourth in a series of Traveller concepts it's shown this auto-show season. The Geneva concept, which joins the Mini Frankfurt, Tokyo and Detroit concepts in the collective unconscious of undercaffinated car bloggers,… » 2/21/06 8:33am 2/21/06 8:33am

Spy Photos: Mini Traveller

Mini's upcoming extended version, preliminarily dubbed Traveller, is on the way (by "way" we of course mean 2008 at the earliest), and spy photog Hans Lehmann caught a production-model tester in cold-weather flogging, nearly without disguise. The wagon's name isn't set in sheetmetal, and still could be called… » 1/31/06 2:02pm 1/31/06 2:02pm