Blown-Chevy Powered ’97 Z3 for $20,000!

Great creative expression frequently derives from the exposé of contradiction- dogs playing poker, William Shatner, Shaq movies, etc. Nice Price or Crack Pipe appreciates a creative clash of opposites, and today's blown Bimmer is about as contradictory as they come. » 10/09/09 7:30am 10/09/09 7:30am

1969 Toyota Corona for a Humming $3,000!

The people will survive. In their environment. The Nice Price or Crack Pipe — Of this Toyota. It's gotta' Mazda mill. The better to go fast. You could have a Corona, $3,000 deposit. . . » 8/21/09 8:00am 8/21/09 8:00am

1971 Datsun 240Z V12 for $9,800!

Virgin 240Z's are a rare find these days, and Nice Price or Crack Pipe is still looking. But in the mean time, here's a Canadian one with a V12 bun in the oven! » 8/14/09 7:30am 8/14/09 7:30am

1972 Datsun 1200 For A Humming $8,000!

Frankenstein ran amok due to a maniac's brain being plugged into his lag-bolted skull. Today, Nice Price or Crack Pipe brings you another crazy transplant that'll let you run mid-elevens. » 7/22/09 7:00am 7/22/09 7:00am