Ratchet, Ironhide Spotted; Transformers 2 Filming In Arizona?

Today's daily Transformers 2 update comes with more spotted Autobots and rumors of a filming location. Photographed in the Culver City, Calif. is this truck loaded up with Ironhide and Ratchet. This is the third Transformer spotting we've seen over the past week. Last Friday we saw twin Barricades, yesterday we caught… »4/03/08 4:30pm4/03/08 4:30pm

Two Barricade Saleen Mustangs Spotted, Transformers 2 Already Filming?

These shots, snapped in a drive-by of a trailer in the movie-making capital of Culver City, Calif. are two Saleen Mustangs outfitted with that familiar paint scheme that marks a very special 'stang. This can only mean filming of Michael Bay's next masterpiece is underway or getting pretty damn close. We can already… »3/28/08 7:00am3/28/08 7:00am

"Transformers 2" Countdown Clock Live On Michael Bay Site, He Probably Thinks It's "Awesome"

Whoever knew Michael Bay had the guts to make fun of himself as much as he has in this new Verizon FiOS commercial? Especially given he's the director that brought us the robogasmic explosion of fury that was Transformers. Well, we must admit it's rather funny. But a love-fest starring everyone's favorite Chevy-lover… »3/11/08 9:40am3/11/08 9:40am