This flying drone helicopter truck is a real life transformer

What is this? A flying drone? Eight flying drones? One flying helicopter? A moving room? A truck? It's a little bit of everything. Called the AT Black Knight Transformer, it combines the vertical takeoff and landing of a helicopter with the off-road driving capabilities of a truck. So yes, that means it can fly and… »1/11/14 7:57am1/11/14 7:57am

Official Transformers 2 Behind-The-Scenes Video Shows Off Audi R8

This official Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen »9/04/08 4:00pm9/04/08 4:00pm behind-the-scenes video from Wal-Mart gives a closer look at the Audi R8 during the first day of shooting on the set. Also clearly visible is Michael Bay's massive douchebagitude. With all the hype surrounding the blatant product placement that is the and the we…

Nissan GT-R Transformers Toy Poses Next To Real Nissan GT-R

When we first heard of the Nissan GT-R Transformers toy »9/02/08 3:20pm9/02/08 3:20pm, it was still a colorless prototype. Now we see what it looks like in all its hopefully lead-free paint. They've even found a real Nissan GT-R to pose next to it. Maybe it's actually the full-scale model ready to do battle with the GM Autobots? Okay, obviously…

Nissan GT-R Transformers Toy Turns Godzilla Into Killer Robot

The Nissan GT-R may be known as Godzilla, but Japanese toymaker Takara-Tomy sees the supercar more as a super robot. Don't get too excited: This 1/32 scale model doesn't mean you'll be seeing the GT-R on the big screen in Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen. Nope, this is just a toy, for now at least. But you'll at… »8/05/08 2:30pm8/05/08 2:30pm