Cars You Didn't Know About– the Fisker Tramonto

Yes, Fisker made cars before the four door Karma. The time when the company was just a small starting bespoke design firm in Orange County, CA, and was named Fisker Coachbuild. The unique Tramonto, one of the two models ever manufactured by Fisker Coachbuild, shares design cues from the BMW Z8–after all, they were… » 7/10/13 9:12am 7/10/13 9:12am

Sing a Song of Henrik, Buy a Piece of Fisker

Fisker Couchbuild, er Coachbuild, wants to build a 400-car-a-year $100k premium-segment unit, but to do that, they need money. We're somewhat underwhelmed by the company's Tramonto, which costs a whole lot more than the Merc SL — a car that won't have people asking, "What's that?" To which your reply is, "Well, it's… » 9/06/06 3:00pm 9/06/06 3:00pm

Kleeman's Tuning of the Fisker Tramonto

Henrik Fisker's choice of his Danish compatriots at Kleeman to provide the tuner powerplant for his $200,000 Tramonto roadster may have been driven by pride of country, but the outcome is the automotive equivalent of Scandinavian death metal. Fast, nasty, and somehow locked to the beat despite all the menace. The… » 9/23/05 9:23am 9/23/05 9:23am

Frankfurt Premiere: Fisker Coachbuild's Bespoke Players

A-list car designer Henrik Fisker took the covers off his two new low-volume luxury cars, the Tramonto roadster and Latigo coupe today in Frankfurt. Fisker's plan is to restore bespoke coach-building (undone by the Great Depression and WWII) to the marketplace, but instead of one-offs, the company plans to build 150… » 9/13/05 10:57am 9/13/05 10:57am

New Fisker Models Emerge

More details on how exactly Fisker Coachbuild, the new car company founded by auto designer Henrik Fisker (BMW, Aston Martin) will make existing luxury cars prettier while adding around $100,000 to their price tags emerged in the German press this past week. reports (translated from German into Dutch, of… » 9/11/05 6:40pm 9/11/05 6:40pm

Fisker Coachworks Revives Bespoke Body Building

Crazy! We were just preparing a post on an article in The Car Connection profiling Henrik Fisker's new, bespoke carbuilding project, Fisker Coachworks. (The ex—Aston Martin designer announced the company will introduce its new Tramonto roadster in Frankfurt this year.) TCC's piece examined how Fisker takes Mercedes… » 8/29/05 5:00pm 8/29/05 5:00pm