Naming Cars After Katabatic Winds

This churning seascape off the coast of Antarctica, not a place you’d think of as the hotbed of car culture, shows in fact an undercurrent of automotive nomenclature: the katabatic wind. Blowing from the Aleutian to the Adriatic, katabatic winds have inspired a wealth of car names over the past 50 years, names of cars… » 1/04/12 2:30pm 1/04/12 2:30pm

Catalonian Carbon Fiber: The Tramontana Roadster

It was first seen at the Geneva motor show last year in prototype form. Now the a.d. Tramontana — a fast, pricey, exclusive, open-wheel roadster that only 12 buyers will get to have imported from Spain's Costa Brava where they're built. Using a mashup of automotive and aircraft technologies, the hand-built Tramontana… » 2/07/06 7:30am 2/07/06 7:30am