Tram Driver Knocks Out Grandpa Walking On Tracks

What looks like a Monty Python sketch in real life turns ugly when a tram driver knocks down an old man on crutches slowly walking on the tram tracks. » 6/17/13 10:14am 6/17/13 10:14am

Watch A Tram Violate A Jogger

Jogging in the city requires a certain level of attentiveness. For instance, don't run on streetcar tracks with your iPod on, lest you get rammed in the butt like this guy. » 9/19/12 5:30pm 9/19/12 5:30pm

Watch This Stubborn Sleepy Dog Refuse To Move Out Of The Road

Let sleeping dogs lie. Words to live by, unless of course you have a tram full of people to drive someplace and the dog is sleeping on the tracks. » 9/18/12 12:40pm 9/18/12 12:40pm

Playboy Fiat heir causes transit shutdown with camo Jeep

Lapo Elkann loves three things in this world: partying with drag queens, causing mischief, and driving conspicuously modified Fiat/Chrysler company vehicles. By carelessly parking his camouflage Jeep Grand Cherokee across the tracks of Turin's tram system he's managed to combine at least two of these. » 9/07/11 1:30pm 9/07/11 1:30pm

Driverless Cars Scaring Great Britain's Children

Later, Kip and Sally would use a mechanically correct doll of the driverless car to show policemen exactly where it touched them. [Photo Credit: CARL DE SOUZA/AFP/Getty Images] » 8/11/09 4:00pm 8/11/09 4:00pm