Watch This Dutch F-16 Pilot Try To Kill An American F-15 In Mock Combat

Dutch F-16AMs and American F-15Cs had at it last April during the Florida and Oregon Air National Guard’s composite deployment to the region as part of Operation Atlantic Resolve. The awesome video below gives us an in-the-cockpit look at what it is like to spar with an Eagles high over the North Sea.

The Best Part Of British Arctic Warfare Training Is Sexual Healing

Contrary to popular belief, not all military training is devised to make you uncomfortable and miserable at the same time. Much of it is designed to make you uncomfortable, but still show you that you can keep your spirits up. Even if that involves making you sing Sexual Healing in a pool of frozen lake water.

This Fighter Pilot Class Grad Video Will Make You Feel Unaccomplished

Euro-NATO's Joint Jet Pilot Training is conducted by the 80th Flying Training Wing primarily located at Sheppard AFB, in Wichita Falls, TX. This joint operation is co-funded and staffed with instructors from participating NATO nations, and is known to build the best multi-national fighter pilots in the world.