It Would Take Until 2067 To Fix Every New York City Subway Station

It’s not just the trains that are decrepit in the New York City subway system, it’s the stations as well. But everything is surely fixable, right? Well, a new report from the Citizens Budget Commission, a non-partisan non-profit, says that really, it is totally fixable. Though at current repair rates, it will take 52… »9/04/15 7:00pm9/04/15 7:00pm

Poland Is Pretty Convinced It Found A Buried Nazi Train, Maybe Full Of Gold

Two random guys said they’d found a long-lost Nazi train last week, buried underground at the end of World War II. Local legends said that one matching the description went missing in the closing days of the war, and it was full of plundered gold. It sounded crazy, but the Polish government said they might be onto… »8/28/15 5:45pm8/28/15 5:45pm

This Is How Disney Knows You Won't Get Dismembered On A Roller Coaster

If you’ve ever been on Space Mountain at Disney, you just know deep down that if you stuck your arm out, your limbs would get chopped off by one of those rafters flying by. Except it doesn’t. No one’s limbs ever get chopped off. This weird looking device is how Disney makes sure it doesn’t happen.
»6/30/15 4:05pm6/30/15 4:05pm

A Train From 1836 Could Be Buried In Brooklyn Because Of Petty Politics

A beautifully preserved 1830s steam train is thought to be lurking under a busy thoroughfare in one of the posher parts of Brooklyn. But in 1861, it was sealed up, seemingly for eternity. Everything was set to excavate it just a few years back, until petty personal politics seem to have destroyed any chance of that. »3/27/15 2:42pm3/27/15 2:42pm

A Truck Carrying A McLaren 12C Was Just Destroyed By A Train

One of the joys of owning a McLaren is that when you have routine warranty work done, the manufacturer picks it up from you, does the work, and drops it off with no problem at all. And to transport it, they even put it on a truck for you. And that’s great, until that truck stalls out on train tracks, and a train… »3/27/15 1:46pm3/27/15 1:46pm

Here's What To Do If Your Car Is Stuck In Front Of An Oncoming Train

A few nights ago, a car stuck on the tracks of a commuter rail line resulted in an incident that took the lives of six people. Why the car was stuck, and what exactly went wrong, isn't clear just yet. But while the first piece of advice if you're in a similar situation is to get the car moving, sometimes that isn't… »2/09/15 10:00am2/09/15 10:00am