Rocket Sled Breaks World Speed Record At Air Force Test Track

A military rocket train was propelled down a track at nearly nine times the speed of sound yesterday, thereby reaching a world land speed record for rail (though Guinness wasn't invited). The previous record was held by another rocket sled at about mach 8.5. Approximately three miles of the test was inside an inflated… »2/01/08 12:15pm2/01/08 12:15pm

Commuter Train Smacks Down 12 Cars in Chicago, Doesn't Derail

Wow. Now and then we hear about a train taking out a car crossing the tracks, usually as a result of the driver's stupidity, but this one is a doozy. A Metra commuter train, en route from Chicago to Antioch, IL, took out a dozen vehicles this afternoon when the crossing gates failed to close. Many of the cars were… »11/23/05 7:13pm11/23/05 7:13pm