Cops: Austrian F1 Attack Suspect Has History Of Violence, Mental Illness

The Wiener-Zeitung newspaper confirms that three pedestrians were killed and 36 more were injured in Saturday’s attack on the Graz city center, which was hosting events related to the Formula One Austrian Grand Prix. Police report that the suspect, Alen Rizvanović, has had struggles with mental health issues. »6/22/15 1:33pm6/22/15 1:33pm

At Least Two Dead After Man Drives SUV Into F1 Crowd, Stabs Survivors [UPDATED]

At least two people are dead and around thirty more are injured, according to the BBC, after a 26-year-old Austrian man in a Daewoo Rexton SUV drove into a crowd and started stabbing people at a square hosting an event related to the Austrian Grand Prix in nearby Graz. [UPDATED]
»6/20/15 10:05am6/20/15 10:05am

Asiana Airlines Headline Called “Racist” and “In Bad Taste”

This weekend, tragedy struck. Asiana Airlines Flight 214 crashed in San Francisco. Over 180 people are injured, and two are dead. Nineteen passengers are still hospitalized, with six still in critical condition. Two thirds of the passengers were Asian, which is why the Chicago Sun-Times's headline is angering some… »7/08/13 7:55am7/08/13 7:55am

Street-Racing Comcast Morons Leave 3-Year-Old Hospitalized

You know how you have to wait around for hours for a Comcast technician to show up? We've finally found why that is. Two Comcast employees were street-racing their vans around Huntsville, AL. The racing turned less fast-and-furious and more tragic as one van lost control and hit a vehicle that had three-year-old… »5/16/08 12:41pm5/16/08 12:41pm