The Stops And Starts Of Designing The Traffic Light

You might not realize it when you've been trapped behind the same red light for five minutes, but traffic lights, when they're timed and tuned correctly, are actually pretty good at making traffic move. Really. » 1/19/12 6:30pm 1/19/12 6:30pm

The most amazing time-lapse video you'll see today

Most time-lapse videos work by capturing an object from one vantage point as the world changes around it. This remarkable time-lapse of the traffic in Ho Chi Minh City by photographer Rob Whitworth moves along with the Vietnamese city. And that — along with a roundabout that seems to beat like the heart of the city… » 12/12/11 3:00pm 12/12/11 3:00pm

City hires army of mimes to fight traffic

Mimes: What are they good for? Oh, so many things! They bring laughter and joy to everyone who encounters them. They help the white makeup industry stay financially afloat. Sometimes they make precious balloon animals. And most importantly, they know how to combat traffic in high-density urban areas, which is why… » 10/10/11 3:00pm 10/10/11 3:00pm

China celebrates "Car Free Day" with massive traffic jam

Today is "Car Free Day" in the United States, which you probably celebrated by getting in your car and driving to work. It was "Car Free Day" in China yesterday and they celebrated with a giant traffic jam. I don't think it's working. » 9/22/11 10:00am 9/22/11 10:00am

Houston has a Nigerian freeway angel

Russel Gonzalez was stranded on the wrong side of a five-lane Houston freeway back in 1997 when, suddenly, an aging brown Honda Accord pulled out behind him. The man inside spoke a few words in a heavy Nigerian accent, delivered Gonzalez safely to a gas station, and drove off. This month the man reappeared, once again… » 9/12/11 3:00pm 9/12/11 3:00pm

The world's worst traffic

IBM's "Commuter Pain 2011" survey doesn't look at the causes of congestion or offer any solutions. Too difficult. Instead, IBM merely asks people how they commute and how much their commute sucks. Congratulations Mexico City, you suck and you know it. » 9/08/11 12:00pm 9/08/11 12:00pm

How Houston uses your Bluetooth phone to fight traffic

A massive wall of video screens displays real-time images from a network of cameras, while employees look at a million points of data on their own computers. It's Houston's other mission control, and they've now got a new tool to combat congestion: your Bluetooth device. » 8/15/11 2:00pm 8/15/11 2:00pm

It sucks to be stuck in traffic at 15,000 feet

This is a queue of trucks in the Chungara–Tambo Quemado pass between Chile and Bolivia, crossing which is one of the few ways Bolivians can reach the Pacific Ocean since Bolivia became a landlocked country in 1883, after losing the War of the Pacific. The pass connects Bolivia’s Highway 4 with Chile’s Highway 11. » 7/22/11 4:30pm 7/22/11 4:30pm

NYC Commuters Will Soon Be Getting Microwaved

Getting caught in traffic sucks for everyone. So New York City Mayor Bloomberg and his crack team of engineers are working on a way to both monitor traffic and get you moving, involving more cameras and a lot of microwaves. » 7/20/11 7:00am 7/20/11 7:00am

Google Killed Map Traffic Estimates Because It Just Didn't Work

If you're wondering how road traffic's gonna slow you today, don't turn to Google Maps anymore—the site's killed its estimates. Not because it wasn't popular. It turns out those road calculations didn't exactly correlate to, you know, reality. » 7/16/11 8:01pm 7/16/11 8:01pm

JetBlue offers $4 fare for flying around "Carmegeddon"

The shutdown of Los Angeles' Interstate 405 this weekend has led residents to dub the ensuing traffic nightmare "Carmegeddon." One option: JetBlue's $4 flights for the 37-mile trek from Long Beach to Burbank on Saturday. Betcha someone checks three bags. » 7/13/11 4:30pm 7/13/11 4:30pm

Ashton Kutcher's twitter is the new traffic chopper

Los Angeles will shut down the 405 for repairs, causing an apocalyptic nightmare that makes 2012 look like Must Love Dogs. To help spread the word they're asking celebs like Lady Gaga to tweet traffic alerts. Are we being Punk'd? » 6/30/11 2:45pm 6/30/11 2:45pm

Suspicious person parks near Pentagon, causes traffic nightmare

A Marine reservist was arrested near the Pentagon after parking there overnight with something suspicious in his bag. If not an actual terrorist he is a traffic one. Police are investigating. » 6/17/11 12:30pm 6/17/11 12:30pm

Watch a lunatic chase cops around an airport in a stolen fire truck

These police officers at the Cork Airport in Ireland have it all wrong. First they let 37-year-old Edmond Stapleton steal their SUV at knife-point, and then they let him chase them around the airport. Quick, someone cue up the Benny Hill Music. » 5/27/11 9:30am 5/27/11 9:30am

Watch Russian motorists fool a traffic jam

There's a story about American-vs-Russian ingenuity that claims NASA spent millions developing a pen that can write upside down, while the Russians merely used a pencil. Though false, there's a truth to it evident in this video of Russians defeating a traffic jam. » 4/13/11 2:30pm 4/13/11 2:30pm

Out of Shape Cop Can't Chase Down Suspect Through Traffic

Two guys waiting in stop-and-go traffic in Nashville capture an out of shape police officer running through cars in hot pursuit of a suspect. The results are predictably hilarious. [ Gawker.TV » 3/09/11 10:59am 3/09/11 10:59am]

What not to do when driving past a police car

Only about 4% of drivers decide to commit evasive actions when they see a police car turn up near them, and 13% slow down, according to a poll by » 3/02/11 3:30pm 3/02/11 3:30pm

A city's traffic visualized as a beating heart

Road networks are the blood vessels of a modern city, and Libson's coastal orientation and traffic patterns create the perfect visualization for this metaphor. This work by Pedro Cruz immediately makes sense before you hear the full explanation for how he made The Blood Vessels in the traffic of Lisbon, but here it… » 2/10/11 4:00pm 2/10/11 4:00pm

Rhode Island City Plans to Leave 600 Rogue Stop Signs Standing

At some point in recent years, a ghost in the urban planning machine put up 700 rogue stop signs in Cranston, Rhode Island, (pop. 80,000; stop sign pop. 2,600). They're totally undocumented, and the city can't figure out where exactly they came from. But after an investigation by a specially appointed committee,… » 2/08/11 9:00pm 2/08/11 9:00pm