Artist Hacks Electronic Road Sign To Spoil Looper As A Commentary On…

When is it okay to spoil a movie? When does trolling become art? One artist asked these questions by spoiling the ending of Looper to anyone who happened to drive by. SPOILERS AHEAD (duh) » 10/08/12 3:40pm 10/08/12 3:40pm

This Is The Worst School Zone Sign In History

School zones serve an obvious and important role in pedestrian safety because no one wants to hit a kid. Zone enforcement usually lasts a few hundred feet over a large chunk of time in the morning and afternoon. This school zone sign in Michigan tries to break up that solid time slot. The result has been hilariously… » 2/16/12 12:00pm 2/16/12 12:00pm

Where to find New York City's haiku crosswalk signs

The New York City Department of Transportation got a new street safety campaign yesterday, putting 12 signs with graphics and haikus up at crosswalks across the five boroughs. Here's how to find them. » 12/01/11 12:00pm 12/01/11 12:00pm

Because "Genital Secretions" Was Just Too Long

A Pennsylvania DOT sign warned drivers of potential hazards on Tuesday. Clever hackers or unusually informative highway crews? You be the judge. [Centre Daily] » 6/02/10 3:30pm 6/02/10 3:30pm

The Secret of L.A.'s 10-Year-Old Fake Freeway Sign brings us the story of an LA resident so disturbed by a freeway's poor signage that he built his own sign and secretly affixed it. It stayed that way for almost ten years. Until now. —Ed. » 4/14/10 12:00pm 4/14/10 12:00pm

The Greatest Road Sign Ever

No one knows for sure if this "Attenzione Prostitute" sign in Treviso, Italy is warning motorists or trying to encourage more business for the busty, purse-waving ladies of the night. (Photo Credit: Adam Crowe via Carscoop, Telegraph) » 4/06/10 1:30pm 4/06/10 1:30pm

Moscow Highway Billboard Hacked to Show Porn

In a logical conclusion to zombies, velociraptors and Brits, a giant Moscow video screen has been hacked to show hardcore porn. Click for NSFW-unless-you-work-in-Eastern-Europe video! » 1/18/10 8:30am 1/18/10 8:30am

Beware: Sunbeam Imp-Eating Cows Ahead

Rogue milk cows must be a great danger to tiny cars, so beware any bovine suspiciously eyeballing your tiny car and hungrily licking its lips. [Imgur] » 1/04/10 4:30pm 1/04/10 4:30pm

Naked Streets: Why Traffic Signs Don't Make Us Safer

According to some traffic experts, "Nanny State" traffic lights and road signs don't make us safer. Instead, making our streets deliberately "naked" of speed bumps, chicanes and signs will make drivers more cautious. » 10/12/09 1:30pm 10/12/09 1:30pm

Texas Road Signs Hacked, Warn Of British Invasion

We specifically asked you not to write "the British are coming" on road signs, but a few misfits in Lubbock, Texas didn't listen. What, were "Jalopnik Rules" and "Zombies Droolz" too meme-ish for you? » 2/07/09 11:45am 2/07/09 11:45am

Washington Department Of Transportation Doesn't Want You Monkeying With…

Washington State's Department of Transportation wants people to stop monkeying with their road signs. Haven't we been telling you this from the start? Press release below. » 2/05/09 6:00pm 2/05/09 6:00pm

AP Tips Hat To Jalopnik On Road Sign Hacking

The "how to hack road signs" story's become a bit of a meme, with Jalopnik sitting at the center of the mainstream-media-maelstrom. We guess being "the authority" explains why the AP called yesterday. [Yahoo, MSN] » 2/05/09 10:00am 2/05/09 10:00am

Zombie Road Signs Make Wolf Blitzer Nervous

Wolf Blitzer thinks he'd be nervous if he saw hacked road signs saying "Zombies Ahead!" Ha! Imagine how nervous he'd be if he saw a sign saying "Jalopnik Rules!" Just sayin'... [via IndyStar] » 2/04/09 5:00pm 2/04/09 5:00pm

Jalopnik-Hacked Road Sign: We're All Going To Jail Now

We told you guys not to hack electronic road signs to say "Jalopnik Rules." But you went ahead and did it anyway. You do know this is why we can't have nice things, right? » 2/04/09 11:15am 2/04/09 11:15am

Hacked Electronic Road Sign Mega-Gallery

Since we first showed you the "How To Hack An Electronic Road Sign" guide, the proliferation of hacked signs has become so widespread we had to compile this gallery of all of them. » 2/03/09 4:15pm 2/03/09 4:15pm

Zombie Traffic Sign Hacking Spreads To Illinois

Despite repeatedly asking for you to stop hacking electronic road signs, zombie hackers are now causing "daily lane closers" in Illinois. » 2/03/09 2:00pm 2/03/09 2:00pm

Traffic Sign Hacking Spreads To Indiana

The rash of electronic traffic sign hacking continues despite our pleas to knock it off. Now, hackers in Indiana are warning motorists of "Raptors Ahead." » 2/02/09 3:30pm 2/02/09 3:30pm

Austin,TX Overrun By Zombie Jokes, Hacked Electronic Road Signs

Austin, TX appears to be ground zero for the electronic traffic signs hacking threat, as the "top story" on last night's local news demonstrates. » 1/29/09 3:30pm 1/29/09 3:30pm