If You Speed In A Loaner Car, Make Sure To Flick Off The Camera

You've probably heard the old adage: The fastest car in the world is a rental car. Well, someone took that standard and applied it to free dealership loaners, too. » 7/07/12 12:00pm 7/07/12 12:00pm

Arizona Shutting Down Speed Cameras Thursday

Privacy issues and lower-than-expected revenue encouraged Arizona to end their freeway speed camera program. This Thursday, 76 of the cameras go silent. It's a great for, among others, rapper DMX, who was busted by one for speeding. [AZFamily via @DrudgeReport] » 7/12/10 4:00pm 7/12/10 4:00pm

Rental Car Companies Are Giving Away Your Personal Info

Rental car companies like Avis and Hertz are giving personal customer data to a company called American Traffic Solutions, which uses this information to charge your credit card if your rental is busted by one of their traffic cameras. » 7/07/10 12:00pm 7/07/10 12:00pm

Georgia Lawyer Orders Five Traffic Cameras To "Show Up" In Court

A Georgia lawyer's employing a novel defense strategy for her client, accused of running a red light, by subpoenaing the witnesses, five traffic cameras. They did not show up to court. » 5/27/10 10:00am 5/27/10 10:00am

Bad Santas Disable Traffic Cameras In Arizona

A group of freedom-loving Santas stealthily disabled a series of traffic cameras in Tempe, Arizona by adorning the devices in camera-blocking Christmas ornamentation. The ninja santas' message? » 12/23/08 12:00pm 12/23/08 12:00pm

Maryland Teens Using Speed Cameras To Punk Enemies

Tired of texting their sexcapades to their fathers, teenagers have turned to combining photoshop skills, speed cameras and cruelty in order to raise havoc and punish their enemies (and frenemies). » 12/22/08 3:40pm 12/22/08 3:40pm

British Police Expand License Plate Surveillance, Will Store All Trips…

The surveillance state of Britain is becoming more and more unbelievable as The Guardian » 9/15/08 2:30pm 9/15/08 2:30pm is reporting a number-plate recognition system will now be tied to a massive database allowing the movements of all vehicles to be tracked and stored for up to five years.The system works by using government and privately-owned…

Peoples Republic Of Los Angeles Doubles Rolling-Right Fine, Tickets Via…

Across the greater Los Angeles area, rolling right-hand turns — failing to come to a complete stop when turning right at a red light — will now be recorded using traffic cameras. As many as 32 camera-equipped intersections across the city will be ready to automatically dole out a $381 unrepresented tax » 8/18/08 1:20pm 8/18/08 1:20pm for the…

Illinois Governor Wants Speed Cameras On Freeways, Taxation Without…

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich is proposing a system of speed cameras lining the state's freeways, targeting speeders in order to generate revenue supporting additional Chicago-based tactical police units. This is easily the most anti-motorists' rights idea we've heard from a politician in about thirty-seven… » 8/07/08 12:15pm 8/07/08 12:15pm

Top Gear Unveils "Throne Of Gratitude," Honors UK Anti-Speed Camera…

In this past week's episode of Top Gear, the boys awarded Peter Greenlagh, a city councilman in the little UK town of Swindon, the "Top Gear Trophy of Excellence" for taking a stand against speed cameras. Not only that, but Jezza announced the creation of the "Top Gear Throne of Gratitude," inviting Greenlagh to drop… » 7/22/08 10:00am 7/22/08 10:00am

Louisana Traffic Official Fights The Law And The Law's Him

From the department of "do what I say, not what I do" comes this awesome story out of Lafayette, Louisiana playing perfectly into our dislike and mistrust of government nanny bureaucracy. Tony Tramel, the Director of Transportation for Lafayette Consolidated Government, is the chap tasked with monitoring and approving… » 4/04/08 9:40am 4/04/08 9:40am

Six Cities Busted For Traffic Camera Scams

Union City, California; Lubbock, Texas; Nashville, Tennessee; Springfield, Missouri; Dallas, Texas and Chattanooga, Tennessee — you're all on notice. We already hate the idea of the omnipresent big brother handing out speeding tickets through the watchful eye of the traffic camera, but when the deck is stacked in the… » 3/27/08 10:45am 3/27/08 10:45am

Mounting Evidence Says Red Light Cameras Increase Accidents

Absentee policing is always a contentious issue. Those for it argue that red light cameras increase intersection safety and act as a deterrent to law breakers. Folks against them get the itchy, big-brother-is-watching feeling and then talk about due process. Well, that or they just blow the things to kingdom come. It… » 1/09/08 12:30pm 1/09/08 12:30pm