Snakes For A Car?

Attention Hollywood directors, file this idea in your list of movie ideas for Sammy L. The infamous snake-killer could very well be interested in this man from London, Ontario who's decided he needs "a new vehicle." But since the only thing he's got is $3500 in camera gear and — err — what appears to be a bunch of… » 5/02/07 6:00pm 5/02/07 6:00pm

Breaking! China Changes "Free-Trade Policies" To "Not-So-Free-Trade…

China just announced two trade policy changes which'll have some serious impacts on like — every automaker. Although China's selling the new controls as a way to "cut production overcapacity" — the controls look more like a "cut Chinese automakers a slice of production." The requirements will force international… » 5/31/06 2:03pm 5/31/06 2:03pm

Trade War, What Is It Good For?

Well, it's good for US parts manufacturers. Although we really aren't talking about war, today the feds fired the opening shot over the bow of the manufacturing leviathan that is China. The US is upset over China slapping US manufactured auto parts with higher taxes than those paid by their domestic parts… » 3/30/06 10:46am 3/30/06 10:46am

The Free Trade Boys Are Clucking: Repeal the Chicken Tax?

One of the many, little-known particulars of the automotive industry is a trade tariff economists call The Chicken Tax. Way back in the swinging '60s, Europe aimed to protect its chicken farms from the juggernaut that was the American poultry industry by tripling the tax on US-bred lunch-fowl. In response, we gave… » 2/24/06 12:16pm 2/24/06 12:16pm

Autoextremist on Trade Policy

Sweet Peet D. You know, we agree with him somewhat. Other governments are more involved with growing their automotive industries than we are. And their manufacturing bases. And we don't think it's some sort of either/or case in a nation like ours where one can't do highfalutin' things like R&D and cost-benefit… » 2/22/06 6:51pm 2/22/06 6:51pm