PCH, Hopelessly French Edition: 1925 Renault Type 45 or 1951 Citroen…

We had a bit of an upset in Monday's Choose Your Eternity 3-way Superpower Showdown poll, with the French car coming in last! Yes, the '63 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint won handily, with a 55-24-22 split. That means the Italian car industry can feel the pride that comes from building the coolest- yet most nightmarish- cars… » 7/02/08 5:20pm 7/02/08 5:20pm

Welcome To Oslo, Where Ancient Citroens Roam Free!

We've been getting some great Down On The Street Bonus Edition photos from our readers (so many, in fact, that it's getting tough to post them as fast as they come in- which is a good problem to have). However, when you find and photograph a daily-driven Citröen Traction-Avant on the streets of your city, you get… » 5/07/08 2:00pm 5/07/08 2:00pm

PCH, Senior Citizen Edition: 1917 Overland or 1938 Traction-Avant?

Was it the Muppets connection that grabbed an overwhelming 80/20 victory for the Studebaker Starlight Coupe over the 1929 Model A in yesterday's Choose Your Eternity poll? We may never know, because the past is behind us now. And, speaking of the past, how about a pair of cars from waaaaaay back for today's challenge?… » 2/20/08 5:02pm 2/20/08 5:02pm

Traction Avant: Wrong-Wheel Drive Never Sounded so Right

We were just IM'ing with commenter Punkey — whose true identity shall be revealed tomorrow, er later today — when he busted out with the best line we've heard from anyone all day besides "You're an asshole." We were debating the relative merits and demerits of the 2CV vs. the Beetle when the topic of Bruce entered… » 11/29/06 4:00am 11/29/06 4:00am