​This Little Dongle Is Going To Help Your Kids Learn To Drive

Automatic, the smartphone-connected OBDII dongle that does everything from tracking your gas mileage to diagnosing a check engine light, is getting into the drivers' ed business. It's called License+ and it's designed to keep tabs on new drivers during those crucial weeks and months after they're licensed.
» 10/27/14 4:32pm 10/27/14 4:32pm

Where To Look For A GPS Bug On Your Car If You Think You're Being Tracked

Hopefully most of us will go throughout life without being tracked by a GPS bug, but if you're worried that someone may be following your whereabouts with technology there are common places you can look to find the device. Security and investigations expert Brandon Gregg offers up a few suggestions to help you… » 3/15/12 2:15pm 3/15/12 2:15pm

Helicopter Parents Rejoice: $200 Mini GPS Remote Tracking Device Now Available At NAPA

Stalkers » 9/02/08 3:40pm 9/02/08 3:40pm Parents have just gained a potent new weapon in their electronic babysitting arsenal, or at least a new outlet at which to purchase it. Your local NAPA auto parts store will soon be stocking the GPS Tracking Key, a cell-phone sized, battery-powered GPS tracking device with a built-in data recorder. Just use…

StarChase GPS Tracker Eliminates OJ-Like Chases

A new piece of police technology will be doing its part to lessen the length of car chases and therefore eliminate the hazards of having a belligerent ex-football player careening down the road in a white Ford Bronco. The StarChase is a device that will mount behind the front grill of any police vehicle. It projects a… » 6/17/08 2:40pm 6/17/08 2:40pm

Paranoid Much? Try The GPS Tracker Defense Device

With GPS trackers becoming all the rage with overprotective parents, stalkers and jealous exes, it's only appropriate that a company has began manufacturing devices to counteract those GPS tracking devices. A spy-gadget company now has this Anti GPS Tracker available. It plugs into the 12V DC outlet of your vehicle… » 5/16/08 2:20pm 5/16/08 2:20pm

Are RFID Embedded Drivers Licenses Bad?

There has been a lot of talk about the new initiative to start including RFID chips in national identification cards or even in state-issued drivers licenses. Earlier in December four states — New York, Arizona, Washington and Vermont — agreed to begin using the Real ID RFID system in driver's licenses. Basically, it… » 1/04/08 8:00am 1/04/08 8:00am