Buick V6-Powered TR7 Gets Ready For LeMons Action!

I felt certain that Team Black Metal V8olvo would have the only car at the Altamont with a ridiculous engine swap... but I thought wrong! Scratchy Bottom Racing has outdone the Lunacy Factor of our Ford 302-powered Volvo 244 by grabbing a $149 1976 Triumph TR7 and stuffing the 231-cube Buick V6 out of a '77 Pontiac… » 3/13/08 3:00pm 3/13/08 3:00pm

James May: Malaise Era Unrest Made Cars Look Good

Sure, we all laughed at the shoddy rattletraps made by British Leyland, and the British Malaise Era background of boarded-up factories and long dole lines made it a bitter sort of laughter. Still, James May wants to point out that British Leyland managed to send some original-looking designs limping off the assembly… » 12/03/07 3:30pm 12/03/07 3:30pm