Nissan GT-R Transformers Toy Poses Next To Real Nissan GT-R

When we first heard of the Nissan GT-R Transformers toy »9/02/08 3:20pm9/02/08 3:20pm, it was still a colorless prototype. Now we see what it looks like in all its hopefully lead-free paint. They've even found a real Nissan GT-R to pose next to it. Maybe it's actually the full-scale model ready to do battle with the GM Autobots? Okay, obviously…

The Air Hog Zero Gravity Micro R/C Car Uses Vacuum To Drive On Walls And Ceilings

Ever tried to drive an R/C car on the wall only to come face-to-face with that stupidest of Newton's laws — gravity? No more! Air Hog Zero Gravity Micro R/C cars channel Jim Hall and his Chaparral 2J »9/02/08 10:20am9/02/08 10:20am design, using a small fan to create enough suction to allow the little radio-controlled critters to cruise right up a…

Trailer Park Special R/C Buick Finds A Way To Leave Puddle Of Electrons

Some of you with very long memories might recall having seen my Hayward-style Impala model last year. That was a fun project, but TexanIdiot has taken the whole weathered-model concept a big step further, by making a model beater that actually drives. Welcome to the Trailer Park Special R/C Buick model, which features… »7/17/08 5:00pm7/17/08 5:00pm

Ultimate Diecast Toy Car Created: 1979 Chrysler LeBaron Town And Country!

That's right, dear readers, humanity has now officially reached the pinnacle: diecast 1:24 and 1:60 scale replicas of the amazing '79 Chrysler LeBaron Town And Country station wagon! With an even hundred horses from its undaunted-by-Malaise 225 Slant Six, the 3,600-pound Town And Country provided a great example to… »7/09/08 5:00pm7/09/08 5:00pm