2009 Toyota Venza: Part Three

Buying a Toyota used to be the frugal and responsible automotive choice. The 2009 Toyota Venza shakes off that notion with big styling, big wheels and little fuel economy. Anything going for it? » 7/17/09 4:30pm 7/17/09 4:30pm

2009 Toyota Venza: Part Two

Yesterday we talked about the 2009 Toyota Venza, the seventh crossover or SUV to join the Toyota lineup. It's big, expensive and not particularly fuel-efficient versus other crossovers, so how about everything else? » 7/16/09 4:00pm 7/16/09 4:00pm

2009 Toyota Venza: Part One

The 2009 Toyota Venza has the unique ability to elicit both howls of displeasure and interjections of apathy, but considering what's popular with the masses, that doesn't matter. The question really appears to be: "Is it a good Toyota?" » 7/15/09 4:30pm 7/15/09 4:30pm