The Sale of Jesse Pinkman's 'Breaking Bad' Car Will Help Drug Addicts

We've established how awesome and carefully chosen the cars from Breaking Bad are. Now, as the series draws to a close (sad face!), you have the chance to own one of its more notable cars. The money will go to a great cause, too. » 8/14/13 1:50pm 8/14/13 1:50pm

A Little Plexiglas, A Power Drill, And Voila! Vented Side Window For…

You see a lot of budget-challenged repairs and modifications on Crusher-bound vehicles; along with adding a handful of Little Trees, a car's final owner often performs some last-ditch fixes in order to stay mobile. » 8/29/09 1:30pm 8/29/09 1:30pm

The Amazing Flying '79 Tercel: Even Better Than An Omni!

What's the best way to show that your car is better than the competition? Slap a huge Malaise decal bearing your car's name on the side, set up the ramps, and jump the competition! It's even got more headroom than the Rabbit, which we all know is roomy enough for Wilt Chamberlain! Then it kicks Honda's ass by having a… » 5/14/08 3:20pm 5/14/08 3:20pm