This Back To The Future Toyota Tacoma Is The Only Reference That Truck People Need

Hey, check out that four-by-four! (Get it? Get it??? That’s the line Marty McFly, the star of the Back to the Future, those movies about the car, says when he sees a Toyota truck that’s just staggeringly beautiful, in the movie.) Anyways, it was such a great truck that Toyota decided to make another one, this time… »10/21/15 12:52pm10/21/15 12:52pm


The 2016 Toyota Tacoma Will Have An Actual Engine

For years Toyota has been able to sell the Taco on the back of its history building simple, indestructible trucks. They still do, owning a huge portion of the midsize truck market with a great product that essentially is sold with no engine. That's going to change, with the 2016 Toyota Tacoma getting the new… »1/12/15 1:22pm1/12/15 1:22pm

Toyota Tacoma Suspension 'Prone To Fracturing:' 690,000 Recalls

The mighty Toyota Tacoma has been taken down a peg by a nasty little issue with the leaf spring suspension. Apparently it's liable to "fracture due to stress and corrosion," which can mean a pointy piece of metal will repeatedly ram into your truck's gas tank and spill its contents all over the road. »9/29/14 6:49pm9/29/14 6:49pm