2009 Toyota Highlander To Get Four Cylinder Option

The 2009 Toyota Highlander will be offered with two fewer cylinders thanks to a new 2.7-liter four-cylinder engine mated to a six-speed automatic transmission. Toyota says the new engine will generate 187 HP and 186 lb-ft of torque while meeting ULEV standards, but they're not talking fuel economy quite yet. What about … » 8/15/08 9:20am 8/15/08 9:20am

Toyota May Export Tundra And Sequoia

Toyota appears to have hit upon a novel way of unloading excess US truck and SUV supply: Send the vehicles overseas. While no firm decisions have been made, Steve St. Angelo, president of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky, told a group of industry observers the company's full-size Tundra pickups and Sequoia SUVs… » 8/12/08 9:30am 8/12/08 9:30am

Toyota Lays Off 800 Contract Workers In Japan

Toyota is laying off 800 contract workers at its Fukuoka plant in southern Japan, the first time it has canceled work contracts before they're complete. The plant currently builds the Lexus RX330 and the Toyota Highlander, which are feeling the effects of the American SUV sales slump. After Toyota's announcement of an » 8/05/08 3:30pm 8/05/08 3:30pm