Did Toyota Confirm That The FT-1 Concept Is The New Supra?

We know a lot of things about the Toyota FT-1 Concept for sure. We know it was designed by the company's CALTY design studio. We know it would have 485 horses. We know it looks pretty swell. What we don't know for sure is if it is indeed the next Supra. But some people are claiming for sure that it is. » 2/09/14 10:59am 2/09/14 10:59am

Could A 367-Horsepower BMW Z5 Be The Next Toyota Supra?

We've known for some time now that Toyota and BMW are teaming up for a high-tech new sports car, but now we're seeing a few very interesting rumors eke out into the German press. Namely they're reporting a new BMW, possibly called the Z5, could share a platform with a revived Toyota Supra. Say what? » 8/30/13 12:00pm 8/30/13 12:00pm

Let's Celebrate The Mark IV Toyota Supra's 20th Birthday

The funny thing about Toyota is that every now and then an incredible performance machine pops out of their endless sea of beige cars. The 2000GT, the Celica GT-Four, the GT86 and the Lexus LFA are just a few examples. But I would argue none have ever been as lust-inducing as this: the fourth generation Supra. » 8/27/13 1:24pm 8/27/13 1:24pm

Toyota Wants A Sports Car Even Smaller Than The FR-S And A New Supra

Having tasted success in the sports car game with their GT86/Scion FR-S, Toyota has apparently developed an appetite for even more sports cars. Specifically, a family of three rear-wheel drive sports cars with the Toyobaru in the middle in terms of size and price. » 8/23/13 10:00am 8/23/13 10:00am

Swimsuit Model's Stolen Supra Found Stripped

We were disturbed to hear the famous Supra belonging to gearhead model/host Jess Barton was stolen last week in Florida. Now we are sad to report the car appears to have been stripped of all the go-fast parts that made it an 8-second quarter-mile monster. There's now a $6,000 reward for info leading to the capture of… » 1/08/13 9:00am 1/08/13 9:00am

2014 Toyota Supra: We wish this was it

The will they/won't they drama surrounding Toyota and the building of a successor to the venerable Supra's getting old, but if fresh rumors prove true this might get shifted from a Ross-and-Rachel situation to a full-on Moonlighting. If so, the car will need a fresh new look. Here's one such speculatively-rendered… » 9/27/11 3:00pm 9/27/11 3:00pm

LeMons Torture Test Results: Toyota Supra/RWD Celica

Supras and their Celica siblings have taken the overall LeMons win four times, and you don't do that by having reliability problems, but quite a few of these cars have broken as well. In general, though, the Supra or RWD Celica is a good LeMons bet. » 1/17/10 10:00pm 1/17/10 10:00pm