There's A Ridiculous Traffic Jam Of So Many FJ40s On This Volcano

A reader just came back from a trip to Indonesia's Mt. Bromo volcano, where apparently just about every FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser has gone to retire. Look at them all! This is easily one of the greatest vacation videos I've ever seen. » 2/05/15 12:50pm 2/05/15 12:50pm

Guess How Little Horsepower This Turbo Land Cruiser Makes

This Australian commercial for the then-new direct-injection turbodiesel Land Cruiser makes it seem like the car has enough turbo rocket thrust to tow small moons. Want to guess how much power the thing actually made? » 12/08/14 10:23am 12/08/14 10:23am

ICON vs. ICON: Two 4x4 builders and the quest for identity

Jonathan Ward's sister Elizabeth isn't a car enthusiast. But she was thrilled when she saw a rugged, upright 4x4 with a canvas top, exposed door hinges, and an ICON decal on the hood. She posted a photo to Facebook and tagged her brother, whose company, ICON 4x4, is legendary for stuffing modern drivetrains and… » 11/04/14 11:14am 11/04/14 11:14am

You Can Cruise Through A Safari With This Land Cruiser

Welcome to Little Car in the Big City, where I highlight fascinating cars I found walking around a town that is known for being bigger than everything else, but where every car is fighting to stand out: New York, New York. » 4/27/14 9:09am 4/27/14 9:09am

The Toyota Land Cruiser Shows What True Taste Is About

Welcome to Little Car in the Big City, where I highlight fascinating cars I found walking around a town that is known for being bigger than everything else, but where every car is fighting to stand out: New York, New York. » 9/01/13 9:08am 9/01/13 9:08am

Your Ridiculously Awesome Toyota Land Cruiser Wallpaper Is Here

Last weekend we featured a Land Rover Defender, and that was all fine and dandy. There was just one problem – there was no proof that it had actually played in the dirt. Sure, there was mud, but who knows how it got there. Maybe it was painted on. With this picture though, there's never any doubt. » 6/29/13 5:11pm 6/29/13 5:11pm

How Does This Toyota Not Drown?

This Landcruiser tries to cross a stream that's more than a bit too deep. Before it gets halfway across, the ‘Yota starts to sink. Watch it somehow drive itself out of the water and onto dry land. » 3/26/12 4:30pm 3/26/12 4:30pm

Topless 2011 Toyota Land Cruiser leaves us with a lot of questions

Unfortunately you can't buy a HZJ76 Land Cruiser in America, but you can in other parts of the world like Africa and the Middle East—where this 2011 model came from. As you can see from the pictures this truck's journey to America wasn't without incident. » 12/03/11 11:00am 12/03/11 11:00am

The First People To Drive Across The Congo In 20 Years

In 2008, a Belgian couple traversed the Congo in a Toyota Land Cruiser, a drive few have attempted in decades. This is their story of adventure, corruption, and crumbling infrastructure in the world's second poorest country. — Ed. » 11/24/10 12:30pm 11/24/10 12:30pm

Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser

Welcome to Down On The Mile High Street, where we admire old vehicles on the streets of the City That Rust Sorta Ignored: Denver, Colorado. I'm not even going to try to guess the model year on this thing! » 9/11/10 9:00am 9/11/10 9:00am

Crikey! Killer Croc Dragged From Swamp With Two Land Cruisers

Australia's the land of the hoon, but also some crazy wildlife. It took two Land Cruisers to pull this 21-foot-long cow-eating crocodile from the swamp after it was dispatched. There's another big one still hiding. Damn nature, you scary! [AdelaideNows] » 8/05/10 12:30pm 8/05/10 12:30pm

What Happens When You Cross A Land Cruiser And A Citroen DS?

Awesome is what happens. This wildly modified Citroen DS body sits atop the chassis and powertrain of a Land Cruiser, making it the ideal vehicle for quirky French brancher la boue. » 12/02/09 12:30pm 12/02/09 12:30pm

2010 Toyota Land Cruiser Previews New Lexus LX

It's the eve of the Frankfurt Motor Show — called by some the "Greenest. Show. Ever." Perfect time to reveal the big body-on-frame 2010 Toyota Land Cruiser — a preview of what to expect from the new Lexus LX. » 9/14/09 12:30pm 9/14/09 12:30pm

1984 Toyota Land Cruiser

Welcome to Down On The Street, where we admire old vehicles found parked on the streets of the Island That Rust Forgot: Alameda, California. Should the early-to-mid-80s Land Cruisers qualify for this series? I've been seeing a few of them around town, and they always struck me as belonging a bit more to the Maximum… » 12/08/08 8:30am 12/08/08 8:30am

Ten Best Used Bargain SUVs...And One That Isn't

Since owners are fleeing their SUVs like rats from a sinking ship, it seems like a great time to put together a list of the top used SUV bargains. Luckily, Popular Mechanics » 9/24/08 4:30pm 9/24/08 4:30pm has put together just such a list. After all, some people out there actually need a purposeful wagon to take them off-road or help them haul a…

Australian Teen Crashes SUV Into Tree, Repeatedly, Attempting To…

Proving that the best intentions aren't always matched with the best actions, 19-year-old Brett Seabrook of Victoria, Australia attempted to help a koala he thought was injured by repeatedly ramming its tree with his Toyota Landcruiser. Apparently the incident began when the Aussie teen found the koala at his campsite… » 9/16/08 1:00pm 9/16/08 1:00pm

Toyota Land Cruiser Troop Carrier

Let's say you're an Alameda resident who drives to work in your Unimog every day, and the price of diesel is inflicting some serious pain on the ol' pocketbook (not to mention the challenge of parallel-parking the 'mog when you go shopping downtown). You could bite the bullet and make an offer on the CRX HF that lives… » 6/02/08 9:00am 6/02/08 9:00am