Your Ridiculously Awesome Toyota Land Cruiser Wallpaper Is Here

Last weekend we featured a Land Rover Defender, and that was all fine and dandy. There was just one problem – there was no proof that it had actually played in the dirt. Sure, there was mud, but who knows how it got there. Maybe it was painted on. With this picture though, there's never any doubt. » 6/29/13 5:11pm 6/29/13 5:11pm

Australian Teen Crashes SUV Into Tree, Repeatedly, Attempting To…

Proving that the best intentions aren't always matched with the best actions, 19-year-old Brett Seabrook of Victoria, Australia attempted to help a koala he thought was injured by repeatedly ramming its tree with his Toyota Landcruiser. Apparently the incident began when the Aussie teen found the koala at his campsite… » 9/16/08 1:00pm 9/16/08 1:00pm

Arctic Trucks Make Us Want to Play in Snow

It's one thing to play with a giant Suburban in the Icelandic wilds, another to go Vannin' in the Russian countryside. But when you're tooling around in the Arctic, a purpose-built truck is in order. That's were Arctic Trucks comes in. They're in the business of modifying vehicles to take the abuse of the far north.… » 2/18/08 12:30pm 2/18/08 12:30pm