Well, Here's What A Genuine Toyota Hilux Diesel Sells For In America

If you think Toyota trucks are too expensive, don't bother looking at this pristine crew-cab 1989 Hilux diesel. It's reportedly "100% legal" for US road-use and is currently for sale with a clean Minnesota title... for the price of a decent brand-new Tacoma. » 3/09/15 12:48pm 3/09/15 12:48pm

Dakar Rally Racers Literally Tow Each Other Across Finish Lines

How extreme is the Dakar Rally? Well how many races do you see cars coming in on the towstrap of a competitor? I hope the pilot doing the pulling here got some good karma, because the dangling derelict in this clip went on to finish 6th in class. » 1/23/15 3:38pm 1/23/15 3:38pm

Ford Ranger Just Beat Toyota Hilux As Africa's Favorite 4x4

The mighty Toyota Hilux, venerated as the ultimate unkillable work truck the world over, has been passed as the best selling 4x4 in South Africa for the first time in 34 years. The 2015 Ford Ranger, about to be redesigned to match the new Ford Everest, has taken the region's top spot. » 12/09/14 5:20pm 12/09/14 5:20pm

How Much Angle Can You Get On A Rusty Old Toyota Pickup?

Old Toyota pickups are world-renowned for their durability and indestructibility. But it looks like they get even better when they're rusted-out hunks of crap. » 8/26/14 1:00pm 8/26/14 1:00pm

How Do You Sell Pickup Trucks In Asia? Toyota Says 'Insane Dance Video'

In Mother 'Murica, you sell pickup trucks with Bob Seger. The King Ranch. Floor-spittin' horse-towing Marlboro-Man shit. Down east they do it a little different; Toyota's just commissioned their own Gangnam Style-style dance number to sell their Hilux pickup and it is batshit insane. » 7/28/14 12:38pm 7/28/14 12:38pm

Top Gear Toyota Hilux Revived For Another Adventure-- In Small Scale

Somebody did a great job replicating Top Gear's indestructible Toyota Hilux, and sent it into the mud with fanfare worthy of the vehicle's legendary status. » 5/27/14 2:11pm 5/27/14 2:11pm

This 6x6 Hilux Is The Truck You Need To Drive To The South Pole

The Toyota Hilux is a capable machine that's already reached the South Pole. But this is an even more capable Hilux that crossed Antarctica: the record-setting 6x6 Hilux. » 3/27/14 10:00pm 3/27/14 10:00pm

Bless Your Hearts, Hilux-Jumping Hoons

If it's your second day of off road driving, it's probably not wise to take a massive jump in your old Toyota truck. Luckily for our amusement, Australian hoons are not wise. » 10/26/12 1:00pm 10/26/12 1:00pm

A Tale of Two Rare And Low Vintage Japanese Compacts

Judging from his garage, Duane Schaffer likes his vintage vehicles from The Land of the Rising Sun a certain way—slightly odd and extremely low. » 6/23/12 9:00am 6/23/12 9:00am

Iranian-born car dealer wins $7.5 million in “Taliban Toyota” Alabama…

Thanks to a perception of versatility, reliability and affordability, the Toyota Hilux is the pickup truck of choice for terrorists and mercenaries all over the world. Now, a Florida car dealer is paying $7.5 million for making that association at the expense of a rival Iranian-born car dealer. » 11/03/11 12:00pm 11/03/11 12:00pm

A funny commercial capturing the special bond between man and truck

How is it possible that an advertisement from Toyota manages to capture the spirit of man-car love? Simple, it's from Toyota Australia. There's nothing wrong with a Tacoma or a Tundra, but there's just so much right with a HiLux. » 9/28/11 2:30pm 9/28/11 2:30pm

These are the trucks that power the Libyan Rebels

The backbone of any modern rebel army remains the bullet-, crash-, flood-, and demolition-proof Toyota Hilux. Barely days after the Libyan civil war broke out, the fearless Hungarian traveler Dániel Belényi made his way to the rebel capital of Benghazi to hang out with Libya’s Toyota-equipped rebels. These are his… » 4/08/11 12:30pm 4/08/11 12:30pm

Toyota Hiluxes Reach The South Pole

A team of researchers made the 3,000-mile round trip journey from Novo Air Base to the South Pole in a team of four jet-fueled Toyota Hiluxes outfitted by Arctic Trucks to stand up to the Antarctic cold. » 12/28/10 10:30am 12/28/10 10:30am

This Is Not Snow

Think that's snow falling on that awesome double cab Toyota truck? Nope. It's actually ash from Klyuchevskaya Sopka, Russia's most active volcano. The 15,584 ft. tall volcano erupted last week, blanketing the town of Ust-Kamchatsk in ash. » 11/06/10 6:45pm 11/06/10 6:45pm

Top Gear Summits Icelandic Volcano Hours Before Eruption

Last week we shared news the BBC's Top Gear was filming on an active volcano. Turns out it's Eyjafjallajökull, the same volcano causing European airplane havoc. Luckily, cast and crew escaped just hours before the volcano erupted. Amazing gallery below. » 4/16/10 3:00pm 4/16/10 3:00pm

LeMons Torture Test Results: Pickup Trucks

We've seen Nissans, Toyotas, and Rangers in LeMons races, and they've (mostly) been pretty lackluster on the race track. The shocking thing is the lack of Toyota truck reliability, but perhaps you really do get what you pay for when you buy a very used-up $500 Toyota truck. » 1/17/10 10:00pm 1/17/10 10:00pm