California Lawmakers Spend $400K On Luxury Hybrids During Budget Crisis

The State of California is nearly broke, overwhelmed by expenses and shrinking tax revenues, yet they're paying eight lawmakers to drive around in $400,000 worth of fancy-pants, expensive luxury hybrids. » 7/01/09 1:30pm 7/01/09 1:30pm

Toyota Hybrid Breaks Down, Towed Off Track Before NASCAR Event

A Toyota Highlander Hybrid parade vehicle used for driver introductions at Lowe's Speedway this past weekend wouldn't start and had to be towed. Hopefully we won't see this from next weekend's Camry hybrid pace car. » 5/19/09 11:00am 5/19/09 11:00am

Toyota Certified Used Hybrid Program: Who Needs New Batteries Anyway?

Not impulsive enough to buy a new Toyota Prius, but too scared of the world to buy a used one? Toyota has the certified used car program for you. » 1/21/09 3:00pm 1/21/09 3:00pm