Junkyard Jackpot: BMW 2002, Corolla GT-S, Triumph Spitfire

Just yards away from the now-much-picked-over junked Volvo Amazon, I stumbled across this incredible trifecta of junkyardy goodness at my local self-service yard. Three cars that each deserve the full Jalopnik Stamp-O-Approval™! » 7/18/09 12:00pm 7/18/09 12:00pm

24 Hours Of LeMons Texas Winner: Team SCHWING Toyota Corolla FX16

The race is over and they're packing up the Traveling LeMons Circus now. The winner more or less led the race the entire time, flag to flag. To absolutely nobody's surprise, it's the Team SCHWING Toyota Corolla GT-S FX16, which avoided penalties, ran fast laps, and finished several laps in front of the #2 car (the… » 10/19/08 6:30pm 10/19/08 6:30pm