Four Hours Into LeMons Texas: Corolla FX16 In The Lead!

Too busy to post much now (you'll get more details about the day's action after the dust settles), but felt that the LeMons-loving world should know that Team Schwing's Corolla FX16 now sits at the top of the standings. Amazing quantities of penalties and broken cars- at last report, only 34 of the 76 that started are… »10/18/08 4:00pm10/18/08 4:00pm

More Screaming FX16 Corolla (and Audi 90) Action: The Schumacher Taxi Service Is Back!

We loved the sound made by the Schumacher Taxi Service's howling 4AGE engine when we saw it at the 24 Hours of LeMons South »8/24/08 4:45pm8/24/08 4:45pm last month, and now the team is in New England for more low-budget racing action. Not only that, they're fielding a two-car team this time around, with an Audi 90 added to the stable and last we…