Give This AE86 A New Home And Fulfill A Jalop's Christmas Wish

By now you might be elbows deep in Christmas ham or grease from installing that turbo kit that was exactly what you wanted this year. But if you decided that you or someone you love should have gotten an affordable classic rear-wheel drive hatchback instead, consider this AE86 up for grabs on eBay. » 12/25/13 5:00pm 12/25/13 5:00pm

First Sketch Of The Rear-Wheel Drive Subaru Impreza Coupe?

Ever since Toyota started riding Subaru, we'd heard the rumors. Supposedly, that sketch right there — turns the rumors to truth. That's right, we're told that there is Subaru's upcoming rear-wheel drive coupe currently in co-development with the boys at Toyota. The story goes that this "concept drawing" was revealed… » 4/09/08 9:40am 4/09/08 9:40am