TIMELINE: Toyota's Floor Mat And Gas Pedal Recall Nightmare

Last November we ran a Toyota recall timeline related to floor mats. Now, thanks to Toyota adding faulty accelerator pedals to their nightmare, we've updated the timeline and color-coded it so you can separate one fiery death scenario from another. » 1/28/10 6:30pm 1/28/10 6:30pm

GM Offers Incentives To Toyota Buyers Looking To Avoid A Fiery Death

Claiming their dealers have received "thousands of calls" from Toyota customers wanting to make the switch, GM is making their Japanese competitor pay for their fiery-death recall by offering incentives to Toyota customers if they buy a GM product. » 1/27/10 4:20pm 1/27/10 4:20pm

The Toyotas You Can Buy Without Fear Of Fiery Death

Lots of bad Toyota news recently what with unintended acceleration, sticky throttle pedals, fiery-death-causing floor mats and their associated recalls. We'd just like to remind everyone there are still Toyotas you can buy without fear of fiery-death. Here they are. » 1/27/10 12:40pm 1/27/10 12:40pm

Toyota Neglects To Mention Sale Of Vehicles Halted Because Feds Forced …

Yesterday, Toyota announced they'd stop selling eight vehicles with sudden-fiery-death-accelerator-pedals. What they failed to mention was this is something they were legally forced to do. » 1/27/10 11:45am 1/27/10 11:45am

Toyota Halts Sales Of Eight Vehicles... For Your Protection

Toyota's announced a halt to sales of all eight models involved in the sticky-accelerator-pedal-could-lead-to-fiery-death recall announced last week. The same ones they said last week would be just fine if sold new at dealerships. Details below. » 1/26/10 6:30pm 1/26/10 6:30pm