Toyota A-BAT Gets Green Light, Tundra Diesel Gets Black Flag

According to »9/22/08 9:20am9/22/08 9:20am, Toyota has given the go-ahead on a production version of the radical concept first revealed at the 2008 . The compact, unibody pickup would be equipped with an expandable four foot cargo box and hybrid synergy drive while fitting into the footprint of the RAV4. The A-BAT would be one of…

Detroit Auto Show: Toyota Reveals New Honda Ridgeline, Calls it the A-BAT Concept Hybrid Truck

This is it — whatever "it" is. Actually "it" is Toyota's newest concept they'll be bringing to the Detroit Auto Show in two weeks, the A-BAT Concept Pickup Truck. And A-BAT is more than just a winged rat, it's actually, as we're told by our friends at, an acronym for "Advanced Breakthrough Aero… »12/27/07 6:01pm12/27/07 6:01pm