Look At This Amazing Collection of Historic Cars Inside A Japanese Shopping Mall

If you choose to make your way out to the great man-over-nature feat of manufactured land tracts that is Tokyo’s Odaiba, you’ll get a chance to go absolutely crazy in Toyota Motor Corporation’s MegaWeb, especially if you are a Toyota fan. However, if classic cars are more your style, do the MegaWeb History Garage…

Toyota Has A Patent For A Rear-Engined Flying Car With A Shapeshifting Body And Yet The Bastards Are Still Building Camrys

Sure, we give Toyota a lot of crap for building wildly successful, reliable and boring appliance-cars, but somewhere deep in their organization is a loon with a dream of building insane flying cars. I’m pretty sure this is the case, because this is not the first flying-car patent to come from Toyota’s secretive Kook…

Meet The Honda-Thrashing Japanese Schoolgirl Who Dreams Of Being An F1 Driver

If you don’t know 18-year-old Koyama Miki (小山美姫), you’re far from alone, but it’s definitely ignorance you should correct. She’s in the Japanese Formula Four Championships and, like a lot of young racers, she’s gunning for a slot in F1. She’s good enough that Honda just let her thrash an S660 in a brand new commercial.

Sebastian Vettel Interrupts Post-Race F1 Press Conference To Ask About Le Mans

Just because you schedule a regular-season Formula One race over the end of Le Mans doesn’t mean that F1 drivers aren’t going to ask about the result. Fortunately, Ferrari driver and four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel thought to ask what happened to the Toyota Le Mans team in the middle of F1’s post-race press…

Why The Car With As Many Laps As The Winner Didn't Get Second Place At Le Mans

With 384 laps lodged in the 24 Hours of Le Mans live timing screen just like the winning No. 2 Porsche 919, many were wondering where the No. 5 Toyota Gazoo Racing TS050—the one that led much of the race only to encounter trouble in the final heartbreaking minutes—was on the podium. We can all blame Le Mans’ fittingly…

Toyota Loses Le Mans To Porsche In Shocking, Heartbreaking Race Ending

With three minutes and 21 seconds to go, the leading No. 5 Toyota TS050 that was on pace to take the win came to a halt in front of the pits, ceding the 2016 24 Hours of Le Mans lead to the No. 2 Porsche 919. It’s an unbelievable end for a car that was so reliable for the other 23 hours and 50 minutes of the race.