The 2016 Toyota Prius Is An Enthusiast's Car

I’m guessing that for many of you, you’re here because you read that headline and you want to scroll down to the comments to call me an idiot. And I’m not going to stop you — there’s plenty of evidence in your corner. But I will ask you to just hear me out, so I can explain what I mean about the 2016 Toyota Prius,… »11/20/15 4:45pm11/20/15 4:45pm


These Are The Patent Drawings For A Super-Hot Subaru BRZ

Or is it a super-hot Scion FR-S? It’s a little unclear, as the sleuths at Autoguide (who originally uncovered the drawings) note that Toyota (or as the youths call it, “Scion”) filed the Japanese patent, but the application listed Fuji Heavy Industries, parent company of Subaru, as the creator. All we know is, it’s… »11/11/15 10:10am11/11/15 10:10am

Dispatches from Tokyo: Porsche 962 for the street, Tomica Shop, and ahead by a Toyota Century

The Tokyo Motor Show is a wonderful event, although the best thing about it this year was once again the parking lot. However, if you can escape for a bit, you might find something interesting. Like 13 Toyota 2000GTs in a hidden warehouse. And other stuff too. »11/09/15 11:22am11/09/15 11:22am

Toyota Just Stretched The Crap Out Of A Pickup

As a New Mexi-Texan, one thing I grew up around was ostentatious displays of pickup trucks. And if you’re not one of those who looks down on Japanese pickups, but want to flaunt your oil money with Japanese engineering, boy does Toyota have a Tundra for you: a 26-foot long limo version. Made right in the Lone Star… »11/04/15 8:30pm11/04/15 8:30pm

Toyota's Sports Car Chief Clarifies Where The Baby S-FR Could Sit In The Family Tree

One of the more seemingly production-ready concepts to emerge from the crazyfest that is the Tokyo Motor Show is the Toyota S-FR sports car. But with the Scion FR-S/Toyota GT86/Subaru BRZ already in the lineup, many have wondered if this sports car is destined to be its replacement. »10/28/15 8:20pm10/28/15 8:20pm

This Back To The Future Toyota Tacoma Is The Only Reference That Truck People Need

Hey, check out that four-by-four! (Get it? Get it??? That’s the line Marty McFly, the star of the Back to the Future, those movies about the car, says when he sees a Toyota truck that’s just staggeringly beautiful, in the movie.) Anyways, it was such a great truck that Toyota decided to make another one, this time… »10/21/15 12:52pm10/21/15 12:52pm

How ICON Uses Obsessive Modern Design to Build Gorgeous Vintage Trucks

Icon 4x4 builds Frankenstein vehicles—off-road trucks that meld modern mechanicals with vintage bodywork to create jaw-dropping machines. As founder Jonathan Ward showed off two of his creations to us, it became clear: These aren’t just hot-rods; they’re architecture, fashion, and industrial design rolled into… »10/14/15 10:59am10/14/15 10:59am

Synchronized Spinning Is My New Favorite Wet Weather Motorsport

If you missed the very start of the 6 Hours of Fuji, you didn’t miss much. It was so wet that they left the cars to circulate behind the safety car for about forty minutes. If you missed any part afterwards, you’re missing pure, unadulterated wet weather insanity. Marvel, for example, at this graceful twin pirouette.
»10/11/15 12:30am10/11/15 12:30am

Toyota's Kikai Concept Is An Amazing Mid/Rear-Engine Hot Rod Robot Car

Unlike some other manufacturers I could mention, Toyota’s concept car team is really bringing it for this year’s Tokyo Motor Show. Yesterday we talked about the S-FR baby sports car, now I find myself really taken by the Kikai, a 3-seat, center-drive, mid-rear little machine that looks like a car-Terminator with its… »10/09/15 9:36am10/09/15 9:36am

The Plucky Little Toyota S-FR Concept Miata-Fighter Looks Amazing

Is Toyota spending so much on R&D that they have no more money to buy rights to letters? If so, that would explain both why their new small sports car concept looks so fantastic, and why they named it by juggling the same letters as in the F-RS. If only having the rights to three letters means more cars like this,… »10/08/15 9:15am10/08/15 9:15am

Toyota: We Try Not To Sell Trucks To Terrorists But Shit Happens

It appears that the U.S. Treasury is officially asking Toyota why their trucks keep showing up on CNN carrying ISIS radicals and machine guns all over the Middle East. Poor Toyota, all they did was make a great desert utility vehicle and the dang terrorists had to go and make them look like an official sponsor of evil. »10/06/15 8:30pm10/06/15 8:30pm

Toyota Releases Anime Commercial For Gundam Auris, Because Why The Hell Not

It has been our genuine pleasure here at Jalopnik East to cover the many developments of the Char Anzable Gundam Auris. The vehicle has been popular enough in Japan that seeing one on Japanese roads really isn’t that surprising. Maybe owing to its actual profitability, Toyota has released a new animated commercial for… »9/29/15 10:27am9/29/15 10:27am