Toyopet Crown For 1963, Now With More Toyoglide!

We've always loved Toyota's name for their Powerglide-based automatic transmission, but "Toyopet" just doesn't sound like the kind of name you'd use when you're planning to dominate the automotive world a few decades hence. The Crown got a lot more luxurious later on, but even in '63 it had a certain boxy presence...… » 7/22/08 11:00am 7/22/08 11:00am

All Toyotafest to Celebrate Toyota 50th Anniversary

Believe it or not, Toyota has been selling cars and trucks in America for 50 years now. The one place to see rolling examples of all those 50 years is at the 12th Annual All Toyotafest, coming to the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California this May 12th. This year the Toyota Museum will be rolling in with the faithful… » 3/16/07 2:15pm 3/16/07 2:15pm

Classic Ad Watch: The Toyopet Corona 1500 Deluxe

With groovy Rat-Pack-style jazz wailing in the background, a mid-60s Toyopet Corona 1500 Deluxe performs numerous oil-drum-related feats on the beach in this home-market Toyota ad. Driving on a road made from oil drums... navigating an oil-drum obstacle course... crashing through a wall of oil drums... it's safe to… » 2/23/07 11:26am 2/23/07 11:26am

SEMA Show: Ice Sculpture Melts All Over Shrimp Skewers

In between episodes of wheel-induced hypnosis and the shock of one too many airport quality "Hawaiian" shirts with '32 Fords all over them on one too many guys there were a few things that caught our eyes at SEMA. Somehow the ice sculptures were more interesting than the plethora of overwheeled and overstuffed… » 11/07/06 11:58am 11/07/06 11:58am