This is the Subieyota; is it AWD?

Here's the first shots AutoGuide took of a semi-translucent FT-86-based Subieyota coupe — which we've been told repeatedly is the "Rear-Wheel Drive Sports Car Technology Concept." It's not stopping some from saying it's All-Wheel-Drive. It's not. But here's why some think it is. » 2/28/11 10:20am 2/28/11 10:20am

Subieyota Will Be Revealed In March

The "Subaru Rear-Wheel Drive Sports Car Technology Concept" a.k.a. the Subieyota a.k.a. the Toyobaru a.k.a FT-86 (speculatively sketched here) will be unveiled with a "horizontally-opposed Subaru boxer engine" in early March at the Geneva Auto Show. » 1/14/11 9:20am 1/14/11 9:20am

Scion FR-S Is The New Toyota FT-86

The Toyota FT-86 may not be the vehicle to save Toyota from itself, as sources report the vehicle will be branded in the U.S. as the Scion FR-S, cost $25,000, and get a boring redesign. But wait, it's worse! » 10/11/10 1:00pm 10/11/10 1:00pm