Heads Up! World's Most Evil Lincoln For Sale, Cheap!

When we see a car like this on eBay with a starting bid price of $2900, no reserve, auction ending in a couple hours... and no bids, we can't help but wonder what's gone wrong with this country. Look at it! It's even meaner than the dreaded Satanamino! Any of you readers within Town Car range of Norridge, IL, take a… » 12/09/07 6:30pm 12/09/07 6:30pm

Deal of the Week: 2007 Lincoln Town Car

Stop snickering. You know you want one, or maybe you don't. Either way, the 2007 Lincoln Town Car could be an ironist's wet dream (don't bother asking Alanis Morissette what that is). It's the kind of car in which you can both cruise to the Hamptons and sell cured sausages door to door. You can strap a surfboard to… » 8/08/07 11:00am 8/08/07 11:00am