New Chrysler Minivans Selling So Well They're Closing The Factory

Come Halloween, Chrysler will idle its St. Louis South minivan plant indefinitely. And, just so the 1,500 employees at St. Louis South are clear about the meaning of "idle indefinitely," co-president Tom LaSorda said, "We see no intent to rerun this plant. We're idling it and it will likely be fully closed." »7/01/08 11:00am7/01/08 11:00am

Even If Daimler Doesn't Want It Anymore, Chrysler Still Thinks It's "Engineered Beautifully"

Despite the fact the German side of the German-American hybrid no longer wants anything to do with the 'merican side, the 'mericans are still trying to feel pretty inside. That's why they've released a set of four new ads touting their vehicles as being "engineered beautifully." That phrase apparently is the… »5/08/07 7:50am5/08/07 7:50am

The Embargo Is Breached, Will It Hold? Chrysler, Dodge Minivan Pics Hit Spanish Forum Site

Chrysler Group's been more tight-lipped about the money-making minivan than even the 600 hp Dodge Viper — and that makes sense, as they'll be selling somewhere around 100 times the number of minivans than cobra-kai cars. So it's no wonder they'll probably be a little upset some Spanish-language mopar enthusiast… »1/03/07 12:17pm1/03/07 12:17pm

Avenger To Be Assembled! Dodge Dealer Memo Confirms Production Of New Sedan, Minivan

Production of two new vehicles was confirmed in a memo to dealers of the 'merican side of the German-American hybrid this week, obtained by Katie Merx of the Freep. The first, the Dodge Avenger, which was introduced in Paris this year as a "concept car" or "prototype" (depending on who you asked in Auburn Hills — of… »11/23/06 2:19pm11/23/06 2:19pm