Waylaid by Jackassery: New London Law Could Screw Innocent Motorists

In the great state of California, when one goes to pay one's registration, any past-due parking tickets must be taken care of before the state issues its citizes the little colored sticker for the plate. It's all organized by VIN and networked by computer. Apparently, things in the UK aren't quite as sophisticated,… »2/26/07 7:45pm2/26/07 7:45pm

Is There Any Other Way to Tow Your Daihatsu Boon?

Scotto just hipped us to this, and we have to say, although this isn't the first bike-based tow truck we've seen, the concept simply doesn't stop completely ruling. We totally want one. We also think you should listen to "Drownded" by the Wynona Riders. No, we're not trying to be Idolator. We're just still suffering… »11/21/06 11:00pm11/21/06 11:00pm

Nuts to You, Motorists! Tow Yards in Texas Not Refunding Money

This crap makes our blood boil. We've been wrongfully towed, but due to lack of funds and time, we never pursued the issue. We were once rightfully towed as well, due to confusion about street signage. And we've been towed twice due to our vehicle being stolen. And let us tell you this: regardless of circumstances,… »7/13/06 7:00pm7/13/06 7:00pm

The Ice of Boston: Beantown Tows Record Number of Cars During Storm

While we're sitting here on the Left Coast basking in warm, sunny days (a dramatic difference from the storms of a year ago which is a bigger problem than one might think because Angelenos have no clue how to drive in the rain), the kids back East got hit with some stormage, and the City of Boston, determined to keep… »2/14/06 11:05am2/14/06 11:05am

Angry Angelenos P.O'd At Being Towed for Hollywood Christmas Parade

Prior to moving to LA over the weekend, it stood as the city where we'd received the most parking/traffic tickets that we'd never lived in or near. And of course, our first night in our new place, we managed to get two parking tickets. Back in 1995, we and our erstwhile friend Jeff trekked down from the East Bay to… »11/29/05 12:43pm11/29/05 12:43pm