Britney Abandons Car On Sunset Boulevard, Lets It Get Towed

You know, it's boring getting a flat tire. That's why Britney Spears, upon discovering that a non-round tire makes for a bumpy ride, simply left the Mercedes where it sat and hitched a ride home in a following paparazzi photographer's vehicle. The police, however, were less than sympathetic about her choice of parking… » 1/08/08 4:45pm 1/08/08 4:45pm

Firefighters Apparently Missed Dead Woman Towed Away

When we first reported on the sad story of a dead woman towed away with the car she died in, reports seemed to indicate that the first responders knew that there was a dead woman at the scene. According to the LA Times, not so much. In fact, it looks like there were firefighters on the scene for more than an hour and… » 12/19/07 1:00pm 12/19/07 1:00pm