Bullrun '06: Party With Me Punker: Final Party Edition

Sadly, Jalopnik's Bullrun '06 coverage is grinding to a slow halt. Well, sadly for us at least, as we loved being on the rally, made some great new friends in the process and saw some amazing sights. We'll have a roundup tomorrow with memories from some of our favorite participants in the event. Here then, is a… » 8/02/06 7:00pm 8/02/06 7:00pm

Bullrun '06: Las Vegas to Lake Havasu

On an absolutely sweltering, uncharacteristically humid Nevada morning, after a blast to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway with Noah Lehman-Haupt in the SuperSpeeders/Gotham Dream Cars Ford GT, we hopped in the back seat of the Rensing/Nicole Audi A8L, did a quick lap of the Shelby proving ground, and shot off for lunch… » 7/31/06 3:00pm 7/31/06 3:00pm

When We Wind Up in the Hay, It's Only Hay, Hey Hey! Bullrun Embeds a…

On our first evening on the Bullrun, Murphy was in full effect — at least as far as technology went. The power port on our iBook decided it was no longer going to do its job. So we resigned ourselves to kicking it Colt Seavers-style; watching a documentary on Wayne Newton while smoking cigarettes in our in-room… » 7/30/06 5:00pm 7/30/06 5:00pm

Bullrun Update: Baby Out of Jail

According to Bullrun HQ: "Latest info direct from Kansas City..1st Tove Christensen, 2nd Los Matadors, 3rd Team Gotham..all cars now starting to arrive. AMG Dolls in 5th." Which means that we must amend our earlier statement that the Magnaflow RS4 was not the first in, and apparently the GT2 sled of Tove Christiansen… » 7/25/06 1:30am 7/25/06 1:30am

Bullrun Update: Kansas City

So the veterans of the Fourth Battle of Bullrun aren't pulling into Manassas, VA tonight, but rather Kansas City, MO, after bombing down from Chicago via Saint Louis, presumably not stopping to check out the legendary screen door of Belleville, IL. Alex Roy has been aggregating anecdotes for us, and after the jump,… » 7/24/06 11:15pm 7/24/06 11:15pm

Bullrun Update: Ford GT First into Toronto

We just received an update from Mister Roy in New York, who hasn't slept since Thursday and bombed out to the Poconos and back this afternoon. At 6:58 EDT, the Ferretti/Lehmann-Haupt Ford GT pulled up at the Toronto Hilton, with the Tove Christensen Porsche Turbo in lukewarm pursuit, arriving roughly 30 minutes… » 7/22/06 9:30pm 7/22/06 9:30pm