Drive The Self-Parking VW Touran, Pretend You're "Knight Rider"

David Hasselhoff ain't got nothing on this driver of the new VW Touran in this new "Knight Rider" themed commercial from the folks from V-Dub. Watch as the F1 dad, or whatever the European equivalent to a Nascar dad would be, uses the Touran's self-parking feature to mimic K.I.T.T. a Lexus. We even hear it parks… »10/17/07 2:00pm10/17/07 2:00pm

More Rides Yanks Can't Buy: Volkswagen's Twincharged CrossTouran

Sure, it looks like someone grafted a Jetta's snout onto a Mazda5. Yes, the "Red Rock" color-scheme being used in the promo-photos screams "Ford Edge!" louder than Alan Mulally. And no, we still do not know why VeeDub has simply refused to build the new Bus concept. However, the people who make the peoples' car will… »12/04/06 8:03pm12/04/06 8:03pm