Bringing Automotive Media to Okinawa

The Ryukyu Kingdom, a chain of islands south of the main island of Japan, is better known today as Okinawa. Today, it serves as a beautiful vacation destination for people of Japan and international travelers alike. However, along with the beauty and serenity of its white, sandy, beaches and crystal blue water, it is… » 1/11/15 12:31pm 1/11/15 12:31pm

Nippon Hoon School: Opposite Lock 101

It's less than a week until "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift" hits theaters, and already some chicken littles are predicting a commercial face plant — via disinterest by all but the most hardcore 2F2F fans. (We're holding all commentary in that regard until the first RB26DETT-powered Mustang emerges on-screen.)… » 6/12/06 8:30am 6/12/06 8:30am