Matt Damon Takes On Touareg 2 In New "Bourne Ultimatum" Commercial From VW

Seems like VW's merging their involvement with product placement in the new Jason Bourne movie with their "Safe Happens" ad campaign. The result is — umm — err — interesting? Our only question is if the "fourth wall" is the imaginary invisible wall at the front of the stage, which wall is this breaking if it's… »7/27/07 3:30pm7/27/07 3:30pm

Clobberin' TIme: VW Touareg to Be First Among VW Hybrids

At the Frankfurt auto show in 2005, in between shots of espresso and facefulls of the Official Media Center Vegetable Soup, we heard from Porsche that the company was working on a hybrid-drive system for its Cayenne SUV and those that share its platform — that's Volkswagen Touareg and Audi Q7. It was a five-year… »1/29/07 11:18am1/29/07 11:18am

Tugging The Heavy Stuff: More on the Touareg 747 Tow

Turns out that Fifth Gear was in on Volkwagen's 747-towing stunt at Dunsfold airfield that we mentioned a while back. 155 tons, in a basically bone-stock vehicle. We don't care if it was a PR stunt by VW, we still think it's pretty rad. Now we wanna see someone try it with a Rabbit diesel pickup. »12/04/06 8:45pm12/04/06 8:45pm

Ad Watch: The Touareg Side Mirrors Are Good For Looking At Hot Ass

Here's a new ad by the folks over at Crispin Porter + Crashsky for VDub's hard-to-pronounce SUV — featuring not only how to use its retractable mirrors, but the only reason we can think of for why a woman would want to sleep with the guy in the commercial. I mean, who wouldn't want to sleep with a guy who can move… »11/28/06 7:52am11/28/06 7:52am