Winner Of Pontiac G8 ST Chooses Pontiac Torrent GXP Instead

The guy who won the contest for the first of the now-canceled Pontiac G8 ST was given a $30,000 credit from the arrow-headed brand. The vehicle he choose? A Pontiac Torrent GXP. Gag. [] » 1/15/09 5:40pm 1/15/09 5:40pm

Spy Photos: 2007 Chevrolet Equinox SS

Not today...rather this is tomorrow's Chevy truck...err...SUV. Either way, the newest edition to Chevy's line-up of mid-size SUV's is built on the Theta platform — like it's brother/sister cars, the Pontiac Torrent and the Suzuki XL-7. The Equinox SS (you can tell by the double pipes in back) seems to have the same… » 5/23/06 8:30pm 5/23/06 8:30pm

Torrent to Appear in Survivor Promo Challenge

Following their product placements on Oprah and The Apprentice, Pontiac is hoping to generate buzz for the new Theta-based Torrent crossover ute by involving it in a Survivor challenge. While the General's troops remain tight-lipped on specifics of the Equinox-twin's appearance on December 8th, they claim they have… » 11/30/05 5:32pm 11/30/05 5:32pm

GM's New Sport Wagons on the Way

What happened to GM's plan to to weed out repeated models and sharpen its brand focus? We'll, everyone knows it'll take time and several rounds of lip service to make Pontiac a true performance-only marque. In the mean time, we can face down a chain gang's worth of new GM sport wagons, including the 2006 Pontiac… » 8/29/05 9:47am 8/29/05 9:47am