Towering Wall Of Snow Leads To Nearly 100-Car Pileup In Canada

A terrifying wall of snow, wind, and ice tentatively being called a "snowboob" caused 96 cars to crash into each other on Highway 400 near Toronto, yet miraculously only three people were injured. Some of the cars were "nearly torn in half," according to CP24, which makes that figure all the more impressive. » 2/27/14 2:32pm 2/27/14 2:32pm

Vast Quantities Of Old Iron Down On The Toronto Street

This is Down On The Street Bonus Edition » 9/08/08 3:00pm 9/08/08 3:00pm, where we check out interesting street-parked cars located in places other than the . We get to see quite a few interesting cars and trucks in Toronto, where they must use magical rust-free salt on the roads during wintertime, and today we've got a huge batch of good ones. In…

DOTS-O-Rama Sunday: 1959 DeSoto Fireflite

We all miss the inimitable POLAЯ, but at least we've got some DOTSBE photos that he shot on the streets of his native Toronto before running off to become Maximum Warlord of the Trilateral Commission. First up is this remarkably unrusty '59 DeSoto; make the jump to see the entire gallery and read some classic POLAЯisms

» 6/22/08 2:00pm 6/22/08 2:00pm

Hyrdrofuel Is Alternative Fuel Of The Future, 27 Years Ago

Apparently an idea and creation from the past that holds promise for future applications was just too much for the CBC's crack team of comedy writers to resist — the Back to the Future puns in this piece are a real riot. Greg Vezina managed to convert a Chevy Impala to run on "Hydrofuel", or the very smelly chemical… » 5/05/08 11:20am 5/05/08 11:20am

Mr. Flex Goes to Canada: Funkmaster's Car Show Hits Toronto

You know, we're like the inverse of Funkmaster Flex. He's wide. We're thin. He's rich. We're poor. He hips to the hop. We punk out. He's black. We're white. But, despite the differences in views on how a car should be properly customized, we share the same view on great raw materials: "A '69 Charger R/T 440 six-pack.… » 3/09/06 3:33pm 3/09/06 3:33pm